The “ShureLine Difference” involves one company and one point of contact for all your design, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical needs. ShureLine separates itself from the competition by offering a truly unique approach to the average construction experience. This is accomplished by possessing over 100 years of experience with in-house equipment, piping, and structural design. We have an industry leading team of experienced designers that will turn the basic scope of work into a reality. We will own and stand by all dimensional data used to install the project, no matter what the size of your project may be. From projects totaling thousands of dollars to well over a million in value, we have successfully used this approach for over a decade. This gives us the ability to accommodate several customers across a broad market base.

This approach also allows our customers to get the most out of their budgeted project dollars, while not compromising in the experience, quality, and true value of the project.  ShureLine can accomplish this through the use of 3-D technology; we possess and use the latest in project design software that has been adopted by many of the top Fortune 500 engineering and design firms. While accomplishing this high level of experience and quality, you will be spending only a fraction of the cost for this service. ShureLine will never charge you for design services and then place the normal “Contractor to Field Verify All Dimensions” clause that is a common practice on most construction release documents. We are the contractor, and we formulate solutions to your needs while designing the installation package. Why pay twice for the same service? Allow us take care of it the first time, every time. Welcome to our website, we invite you to experience the exceptionally unique “ShureLine Difference”.

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