ShureLine-Process Skid

Labor and product quality, time to construct and overall project cost are the most typical drivers affecting a final project deliverable. In order to better manage these drivers, process skid fabrication is the solution more and more Project Managers and plant owners are using to ensure consistent constructability quality and cost management. 

At ShureLine Industrial Construction, we are experienced in process skid fabrication that services all types of industrial and OEM needs.   From small pumping systems to large scale process skid and modular applications, ShureLine possesses the experience to meet the most demanding applications. 

For the past twenty years, our experienced team of designers and fabricators has delivered high quality process skid fabrication services to Fortune 500 industrial owners, contractors and OEM client across the United States.  By offering in-house mechanical, electrical and structural fabrication capabilities, ShureLine provides our clients with the expertise necessary to ensure as-specified process skid fabrication delivery with the ability to self-perform installation if necessary. 

If you next project needs a reliable cost solution that reduces field construction time, minimizes field rework, is operational ready, affords single source accountability and offers a more reliable finished product, turn to ShureLine Industrial Construction for your next process skid project. 

In 2013 ShureLine Industrial Contractors welcomed the completion of a new Pipe & Skid Fabrication Facility, providing the company with more expansive capabilities

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