Our Safety Standards


The safety of ShureLine employees, our clients, and the general public, is of vital concern and importance to our team. We conduct all business and operations of the company in a safe manner for the protection of all employees, our clients, and the general public. It is the policy of the company to follow operating practices and procedures that will result in safe and efficient operations utilizing guidelines from OSHA, state, and local regulations.

The ShureLine Safety Policy consists of 50 safety procedures, including four key procedures required by OSHA for all safety policies and programs. ShureLine embraces a zero drug and alcohol tolerance policy, as safety is not only a core principal, but a state of mind.

As a result of our diligence in safety standards and overall employee awareness, ShureLine was recognized with the “Million Hours Worked Award,” presented by the National Safety Council. In May 2015, the award gave ShureLine recognition for accumulating one million work hours without incurring time away from work due to occupational illness or injury.


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