Skills USA Welding Competition


ShureLine Construction recently hosted the 2015 Delaware Skills USA Welding Competition at their Smyrna Pipe Shop. It was held on Wednesday, March 11th from 8:00AM until 3:00PM. There were two teams competing in the event from Polytech High School in Woodside, DE and DelCastle Technical High School in Wilmington, DE. These two programs are the only High School Welding Trades programs in Delaware. Each team consisted of 7 students for a total of a 14 student field. Students were tested on various welding skills, their ability to read and understand blueprints, and finally they had to complete a timed written assessment.

 Darin Sumpter, Pipe and Fabrication Shop Manager and a Certified Welding Inspector for ShureLine, felt inspired to get involved with this event as a graduate of Polytech High School and a former competitor. “These two welding programs are educating and preparing students to be the welding industry’s future workforce. Welding is an industry that is in need of more skilled and talented workers. These programs are giving students training and hands-on experience which they will be able to use for employment directly after graduation. This Skills USA Competition is a great opportunity for us as an employer to become involved in our future workforce.” Darin worked with the two programs’ welding instructors, David Summerfield from Polytech and Lenny Graves from Delcastle as well as a committee to plan and prepare the event. ShureLine Construction offered their Smyrna Pipe Shop as a place to hold the competition as well as donated equipment and materials for the skills challenges.

The winner of this event will move forward and represent Delaware at the National competition that is being held in Louisville, Kentucky.

ShureLine was proud to be a part of this event to provide aid to high school welding programs in Delaware. We hope to see welding trades continue to gain interest in students and grow in the future!

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                                                                                          *Photos provided by Ben Mace, News Editor
                                                               Hockessin Community News, Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times, Middletown Transcript


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